Friends make a splash before Hurricane Dorian soaks Central Florida

Friends try to lighten the mood before Dorian reaches Central Florida

Titusville, Fla. – Preparations for Hurricane Dorian are underway, but one group of friends in Titusville is taking time to enjoy the calm before the storm, filming a mock hurricane warning video from their backyard pool.

The video is complete with “storm surge” waves, turbulent water, torrential garden-hose-rain and a pizza pool float flying in the wind.

Joshua Smith, the sound technician behind the storm noises, says that he and his friends made the video to lighten the prehurricane mood.

While trying to lift morale of his Titusville community, Smith says he and his friends “know this is a serious event but wanted to have a little fun with [the video] before the storm hit us.”

Michelle Moseley, sporting a yellow rain jacket in a kayak, says the storm is “nothing to mess around with,” and she’s right. 

Smith says everyone involved in the making of the video is well prepared for the incoming hurricane and will not take the actual storm lightly.

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