Hurricane Dorian: How does it compare to Matthew, Floyd?

Impacts could be similar through middle of week


ORLANDO, Fla.- – Hurricane Dorian, no matter where it decides to track will bring impacts to all of Central Florida. The biggest impacts will be found along the coast.

The projected path of Dorian has looked very similar to that of Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and to a lesser degree Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

Both storms paralleled the Florida coastline. Matthew was 20-30 miles off the coast as a Category 3 hurricane with winds of 120 mph. Floyd was approximately 115 miles off the coast, but was a very large Category 3 storm. Winds were 115 mph, but the storm was 580 miles wide. Dorian, in comparison, is about 200 miles wide, but will be much closer to the coast.

Intensity Comparison (Off Florida Coast)

Dorian forecast: 125 mph (Category 3)

Matthew: 120 (Category 3)

Floyd: 115 (Category 3)

Widespread coastal flooding and inland impacts were observed from Matthew, even with the center offshore.


Storm surge could be slightly greater with Dorian than it was in Matthew.


There were significant coastal impacts from Floyd with only minimal impacts inland. Dorian will track much closer to the coast when compared to Floyd.

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