Hurricane Dorian: What will make it turn north?

Most of Central Florida remains in the cone


ORLANDO, Fla. – Hurricane Dorian continues to move toward Florida, but the Category 5 storm is expected to make a turn to the north near Grand Bahama Island.

Most computer forecasts have Dorian making a sharp turn north after a slowdown over Grand Bahama island. Will it do that?


A ridge of high pressure will be the main reason between a Florida landfall and a turn out to sea. It is important to note that even without a direct landfall in Florida, significant impacts are still possible through all of Central Florida.

That ridge near Bermuda is forecast to weaken over the coming days. The clockwise flow around high pressure has been pushing Dorian west toward Bermuda and Florida. The weakening of that high pressure will slow Dorian and allow it to make that turn north.

If the storm completely stops, it may be able to make that sharp turn, but if it still has forward speed, the turn will be more gradual. 

That is why all of Central Florida needs to be monitoring Dorian and pay close attention to future forecasts.

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