I-Drive hotels booking fast as coastal residents evacuate

Hurricane Dorian making its way toward Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. – Many people who live along Florida's eastern coast and other low-lying areas are spending their Labor Day weekend at hotels in Orlando. 

Anna Farmer and her boyfriend Dave Greer are from Merittt Island. They told News 6 they came to Orlando for the next few days hoping to avoid the effects of Hurricane Dorian.

"Yeah, we're just treating it like a vacation, honestly," Farmer said. "Just thinking about how dangerous it can be, and where Merritt Island is, I think it's really important to stay away as far as you can."

They said they're trying to stay far away from the coast.

"My family has always stayed at their house during the hurricanes and we got pretty busted up," Greer said. "Ain't nobody got time for that."

Many hotels along International Drive in Orlando are booking fast. Some are already sold out. 

Ebony Voss and her friend Brandon Williams are from Orlando. They said it's more convenient and safe for them to stay at a hotel to ride out the storm.

"It's a lot of stress, people don't need all of that stress, especially with the storm coming," Voss said.  

Williams said he didn't want to risk it.

"If the power goes out you in trouble, if it gets real bad, and you can't get out of your neighborhood, you're in trouble," Williams said. 

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