Mini-meteorologist inspired by Hurricane Dorian, creates her own weather segment

4-year-old creates Lucy's News Network ahead of Dorian

Palm Coast, Fla. – News that a hurricane is coming doesn't usually excite many people in Central Florida, but a mini-meteorologist from Palm Coast found the inspiration she needed to create her own Dorian forecast. 

Lucy, who is 4 years old, has been following Hurricane Dorian on News 6 with her parents, and decided that she wanted to create a weather segment of her own, saying she wanted to "play a news game."

In what her parents say is her first weather forecast, Lucy drew a weather map, complete with Hurricane Dorian's track and cone of uncertainty, all while dressed in her unicorn onesie. 

Lucy even came up with her own call-letters for her show, using "LNN" which stands for "Lucy's News Network."

In her forecast, Lucy reminds her viewers to watch out for high winds and rain, to stock up on food and water, stay calm, to call 911 if there is an emergency and to "hunker down."

Lucy might not be a professional quite yet, but any meteorologist would tell you that her advice is solid.

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