Astor residents tie down their boats before Hurricane Dorian hits

Officials ask people near St Johns River to find higher ground

ASTOR, Fla. – Water levels are high in the St. Johns River in Astor Tuesday.

The wind is also starting to pick up as Hurricane Dorian makes its way up the coast of Florida.

People continue to prep for the storm.

Fran Haynes has been working the past two days trying to secure the boats in the marina.

“Making sure they’re tied down well, all of the debris and everything that can be blown away so it doesn’t mess up someone else’s property,” Haynes said.

Ryan Muran said he keeping an eye on his boat and the water levels.

“The next couple of days it could rise a couple of feet, the boat could end up here in the grass.”

Benches by the river have been turned over to prevent them from blowing away.

Investigators are urging people by the river to get to higher ground.

Parts of the area was flooded during Hurricane Irma.