Here's what to do with your sandbags after Hurricane Dorian

Contact your local landfill about disposal information

(AP Photo/David Goldman)
(AP Photo/David Goldman)

ORLANDO, Fla. – The cleanup is beginning after Hurricane Dorian skirted along Florida's coast.

As families and business began to clear out debris from their yard and start to clean up their property, the question is what should you do with soiled sandbags around your home.

So what do you with your leftover sandbags?

The sandbags can be filled with floodwater and bacteria from their usage, so the key to removal is to protect your hands and feet by wearing gloves and boots when disposing of them.

The soiled bags could contribute to environmental issues if they are not handled properly.

Experts do not recommend that you use sandbags to refill children's sandboxes or use it around the house

Who do you contact about disposing your sandbags?

You can contact your local landfill or emergency management office about where to dispose of bags. We have links to each of the landfill in your respective counties.

Orange County
Seminole County
Lake County
Marion County
Sumter County
Flagler County
Brevard County
Osceola County
Volusia County

What should you do if your sandbags are unused?

Sandbags that have not come into contact with containment water can be saved to be used in case of additional flooding. Additionally, you can use the sandbags for gardens or flower beds. But due to the quality of the sand, it is not recommended to use the sand for children's sandboxes.