Effects of Hurricane Dorian roll out of Flagler Beach

Crowd of people were seen by the Flagler Beach Pier as waves crashed onto shore

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – For people in Flagler County, some of the effects from Hurricane Dorian were felt into the night on Wednesday. 

A crowd of people were seen by the Flagler Beach Pier Wednesday afternoon as waves crashed onto shore. 

Several locals told News 6, they wanted to catch a glimpse of the waves and tide higher than normal. 
After sunset on Wednesday, Flagler Beach was quiet because most businesses remained boarded up and closed. 

Al and Kris Adelman said they kept their eyes on the tide Wednesday night because their home is located on a canal. 

“Relieved because high tide was at 6:24 and we saw what it looked like at 6:24, so we are hoping this will be the last of the highest of the high tides,” said Kris Adelman. “We didn’t want to take any chances after what happened with Irma.”

Water could be seen rising over the seawall on canals leading to the inter coastal. It didn’t appear any water actually made its way into any homes.

The Adelman’s have a 300-foot long aqua dam completely surrounding their home in case of a flood. 

“It has two chambers, an outside chamber and inside. So the outside gets filled first,” said Al Adelman.

“Everybody that drives up and down the street stops. They say, that is cool. And they keep asking where we got it, and I said see the wife, she’s the one that found it.”

As of late Wednesday night, Flagler Beach City Hall still has its hurricane shutters up and sandbags lining the front door. 

Flagler County said that county services will resume on Thursday, including trash pickup. 

The school district said that classes will resume on Friday.

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