Disturbance in Atlantic means more rain for your weekend

Pinpointing 3 areas in the tropics


ORLANDO, Fla. – The News 6 weather team is pinpointing an area of disturbed weather that will bring increased rain chances through Sunday as well as several other systems in the tropics.

A surface trough located over the Turks and Caicos continues to produce widespread cloudiness and disorganized thunderstorms across the southeastern Bahamas.

Limited development of this disturbance is expected during the next few days mainly because of upper-level winds. This system will move very slowly west northwest across the Bahamas.

Environmental conditions could become more favorable for development when the system moves into the Gulf of Mexico.

Both the European model and the American model do not have the system organizing until just before it reaches the beaches of the panhandle. Even then it will likely develop only be a tropical depression.

What does that mean for you? Florida can expect increased rain chances at 60% for Friday and 70% for Saturday and Sunday.

The Bahamas will experience several inches rain which could inhibit recovery effort post Hurricane Dorian. However, this system is expected to continue moving and will not sit over the islands for long.

The National Hurricane Center is giving this area of disturbed weather only a 40% chance of development within the next two days. Chances increase to 60% within the next five days. Again, within the next five days this is the more likely to be in the panhandle and not in touch in Central Florida.


A broad low pressure system associated with a tropical wave is located about 800 miles east of the lesser Antilles. Although this disturbance continues to produce disorganized showers some slight development of the system as possible in the coming days. The National Hurricane Center is giving this area of disturbed weather a 10% chance of development within the next two days as well as the next five days.

The tropical wave located between the west coast of Africa and the Cabo Verde islands is forecast to move quickly westward during the next several days. Some slow development is possible over the weekend or early next week when the system is expected to be a couple of hundred miles east of the lesser Antilles. The hurricane center is only giving us a 30% chance of development within the next five days and zero chance with in the next two.

If we do get a named storm out of any of the areas of disturbed weather, the next name would be Humberto.

Closer to home, rain chances are low for Wednesday. Expect a 20% coverage through Wednesday afternoon and a high of 94. It will feel more like the triple-digit temperatures. Expect rain chances at 30% on Thursday and increasing to 60% on Friday and 70% for Saturday and for Sunday.

High temperatures will be in the upper 80s for Friday and Saturday.

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