Storm in Gulf gains strength, but still has no name -- here's why

Impacts for Central Florida unchanged regardless of name given


ORLANDO, Fla.- – This is going to be a weird one. The storm in the Gulf of Mexico is getting stronger, but still has not been named.


The current winds associated with the disturbance are 60 mph, well into the tropical storm category. However, the thunderstorms associated with the storm are dislocated from the center. To be tropical, the storms would need to wrap around the center. This will likely be a hybrid or subtropical storm, meaning it has some tropical characteristics but not all.

Name or not, the weather could get nasty across Central Florida. Isolated tornadoes will be possible late tonight through Saturday.


Central Florida Impacts:

Expect waves of heavy rain and potentially damaging storms to move across Central Florida late Friday night thorough Saturday evening. 

The disturbance combined with a northward moving warm front will create an environment favorable for a few tornadoes. The greatest threat for tornadoes will be overnight Friday through Saturday morning. 


Isolated flooding will be possible with torrential tropical downpours. The storms will be fast-moving, but repeated waves of storms over the same areas could cause issues. 

Wind gusts at times could approach 40 mph through Sunday morning.

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