Tropical Storm Nestor helps rainfall deficit, adds to surplus

Daytona Beach breaks daily rainfall record


ORLANDO, Fla. – Rain from Tropical Storm Nestor ranged from 2-7 inches. Most cities have been below normal in the rainfall department this month, but Daytona Beach has been the exception.

With last Thursday's drought monitor released by the United States Department of Agriculture, more of Central Florida was added to the abnormally dry category.


While most of Central Florida was flirting with drought conditions after a very dry stretch, Daytona Beach is trying to make history in the opposite direction.


Before Nestor's rain, Daytona Beach was already in the top 10 for wettest Octobers, more than 6 inches above normal. More than 3 inches of rain fell Saturday, breaking a daily rainfall record in Daytona Beach. 


With Saturday's rain, monthly totals at Daytona Beach are nearing 13"

The wettest October on record in Daytona Beach saw 13.68" of rain. That record is well within reach with more than 10 days to go in the month.

The rain from Nestor was two to three times more in most cases than what was dumped by Hurricane Dorian in September.

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