ORLANDO, Fla.- – It's always warm in Central Florida during the fall months, but for Orlando and Daytona Beach, it's never been this hot.

Orlando shattered the previous hottest October record set in 1919. Daytona Beach also set the record for hottest October.

Sanford and Melbourne finished in the month as the second-hottest October ever. Melbourne missed setting the record by a tenth of a degree.

Most of Central Florida has not recorded a morning temperature of 60 degrees or cooler for the season, running on average two weeks behind schedule. That could change over the weekend with another cold front sweeping in. The latest date for the first 60-degree morning for Orlando is November 13.

Rain, rain go away:

In addition to being the hottest October ever, Daytona Beach also was the second wettest on record with more than 13 inches of rain.