ORLANDO, Fla- – If you love summer, this has been the fall for you.

After the hottest October ever for most of Central Florida, more records continue to land in the books. With highs climbing into the 80s Friday afternoon, Orlando has tied the longest stretch of consecutive 80-degree (or hotter) days. For the last 201 days, Orlando has been 80 or warmer.

Note the previous stretch, in 1922, ended in the middle of October. The current streak has gone much later. The streak will likely end this weekend with the passage of a cold front.

The next warm record Central Florida is tracking down is the first 60-degree (or cooler) temperature of the season. 

There will be several nights over the next seven days when temperatures could fall to that number. Central Florida is running nearly a month behind schedule when it comes to the average first occurrence.

With the hot afternoons and muggy nights over the last 30 days, climatologically Central Florida has felt more like Hawaii.