Temps may hit the 70s on Sunday in Central Flordia

Temps could hit 67 on Saturday

ORLANDO, Fla. – Friday turned out to be a turnaround kind of day in Central Florida.

Thursday Central Florida residents saw a high of 62 degrees, Friday we made it all the way to 65 degrees in Orlando.

Friday night, with a clear sky and calming wind we are looking at a low of 44 degrees.

There are no frost problems for Friday. No Advisories anywhere in Central Florida.

The low in Ocala will be 39 degrees. In Daytona Beach temps will drop to 43 degrees.

Saturday will be a dry, cool, crisp day again. The high will be 67 degrees at OIA.

There is no chance of rain.

Lots of blue skies ahead for Sunday as well. The high on Sunday will be near 70 degrees.

I would encourage you to embrace the chill while it is here, by next Wednesday the high will be near 90 degrees.

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