Record heat: 2020 off to hottest start ever for most of Central Florida

5 times more 90 degree days than 2019 to date


ORLANDO, Fla.- – If you think it’s been hot around these parts lately, you would be right! For the last several weeks, with a few exceptions, it has felt a lot like the middle of summer rather than the start of spring.

It’s been so hot in fact that in Orlando, Sanford and Leesburg, it’s the hottest it has ever been through April 14th. In Daytona Beach it’s the fifth hottest and in Melbourne it’s the fourth.

These rankings are based on averaging the daytime highs with the overnight lows through the period.

The average temperature of 69.9 degrees at the Orlando International Airport is 2.5 degrees warmer than last year through April 14. 2019 through the entire year ended up as the second hottest on record. Monday, every official Central Florida observing site, Orlando, Leesburg, Sanford, Melbourne and Daytona Beach broke records. The high reached 97 degrees in the City Beautiful, which didn’t happen last year until May 28.

Below are the average temperatures through April 14, ranked for the hottest to date in.

Melbourne 68.4 degrees - 4th

Daytona Beach 66.5 degrees - 5th

Leesburg 68.8 degrees - 1st

Sanford 68.7 degrees - 1st

Orlando 69.9 degrees - 1st

90 degree days through April 15
90 degree days through April 15

The number of 90 degree days in Orlando is now five times higher in 2020 when compared to 2019 to date.

It has reached 90 degrees or hotter 15 times which is tied for second most through April 15. The most 90 degree days through April 15 is 21 back in 1929. Cooler air returns for a short time Thursday.

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