Here’s how the weather system off Florida will affect your forecast

Orlando to see high near 86 Wednesday

A system will move away from Florida.
A system will move away from Florida.

ORLANDO, Fla. – An area of low pressure could possibly further develop in the coming days, but the system is moving away from Florida.

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The National Weather Service said Tuesday that environmental conditions appear conducive for gradual development of the system, and a subtropical depression or storm is likely to form this weekend while it moves northeast over the Atlantic.

“We continue to watch the area of low pressure as it will likely develop northeast of the Bahamas,” News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges said. “This system has a 70% chance of organizing within the next five days.”

Bridges said the system will have no direct impact on Florida, but it could drag dry air into the region next week.

The first named storm of 2020 will be called Arthur.

Orlando will reach a high near 86 Wednesday, 2 degrees below the average high for this time of year. It will be gusty, and rain doesn’t return to the region until Friday.

“We will experience a little bit more humidity in the atmosphere as the east wind kicks up and brings a few additional clouds for Wednesday and Thursday,” Bridges said. “Winds will be up 30 mph Wednesday.”

Highs will be in the mid-80s Thursday through Saturday before topping off near 90 Sunday through Tuesday.

Rain chances stand at 50% Friday and 40% Saturday.

Expect a 20% coverage of rain Sunday and Monday.