Are we done with cold weather this season? Don’t get your hopes up

‘Cold season’ typically ends in mid-April in Central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. – As the saying goes, “All good things, must come to an end.” And that is certainly true when it comes to Central Florida’s sweater-weather season.

As temperatures begin to gradually warm up, some might wonder if it safe to officially put away the winter gear. Below is the breakdown of the average end dates to our "cold" and "cool" seasons.

Average end to Central Florida's "COLD SEASON" (temperatures drop below 50 degrees):

  • Orlando: April 8
  • Daytona Beach: April 14
  • Melbourne: April 7
  • Sanford: April16

Average end to Central Florida's "COOL SEASON' (temperatures drop below 60 degrees):

  • Orlando: May 6
  • Daytona Beach: May 17
  • Melbourne: May 8
  • Sanford: May 16

Before you pencil these days into your calendar, remember, these are the average dates.

In recent years, these seasons have seen abrupt endings as early as the start of March. The best piece of advice for cool weather lovers in Central Florida -- enjoy the cold snaps while they’re here.

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