Deltona mayor helps find missing dog after victim's car was stolen

The victim left his car running with keys in ignition

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A Deltona man was reunited with his dog after his car was stolen Sunday.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office said the victim was returning a shopping cart at the Publix on Saxon Boulevard when he saw his blue 2017 Kia Forte being driven away from the area.

Investigators said his 15-year-old Chihuahua was in the car.

Thankfully the dog was found, the Deltona mayor was part of group of people who helped find the dog.

The dog was spotted running through a neighborhood.

"She's a family member," Bruce Turnbull said.

His pet was found just a few miles from where she was taken.

The theft happened around noon on Sunday.

The victim loaded up his car with the groceries he bought and went to return the cart.

After leaving the keys in the ignition with the car running, the victim watched his car leave the parking lot.

"There were some shrubs about 30 feet away from my car and I'm assuming the guy just was watching," Turnbull said.

Turnbull said the suspect probably jumped out and ran toward the car.

"It all happened in less than 10 seconds," Turnbull said.

He said his dog appears to be in good health.

The license plate of the missing car is DMWN47.

The car was last seen on Fairhaven Street.

Anyone with information about the car is asked to call 386-248-1777.