High prices got you down? Here are 8 ways to help ease the pain of inflation

Here are eight "inflation swaps" that can help curb the pressure of seemingly out-of-control price increases. (StackCommerce)

We don’t have to tell you that inflation is on the rise. Just step into your nearest grocery store, retail outlet, or gas station, and you’ll see the effects that supply chain issues, surging demands, production costs, and other factors have had on our everyday lives.

Inflation in the U.S. is now sitting at 8.5%, the highest level it’s been since December 1981. And what does all this mean for you? It means that you will have to start shopping smarter, seek out ways and means of purchasing the items you want and need while keeping the budget intact. Here are eight “inflation swaps” that can help curb the pressure of seemingly out-of-control price increases.

Take advantage of online learning for the fraction of the cost of getting a degree

If you’re thinking of starting a side hustle, or perhaps hoping to move up the ranks in your current job in order to bring in some extra money, but feel that you’re lacking the wherewithal or knowledge to do so, this course can help. We all know the exorbitant cost of an MBA, not to mention the investment of time, but if you could learn what you need to know in the comfort of your own home at your own pace, you’ll be a winner on more than one front. This highly rated Ultimate All-Access Business Bundle features content on how to launch a company, networking, financial models, employee relations, interview processes, delegation, and so much more. Not only will you save money up front, but your earning potential could increase multifold.

Save big by buying refurbished

Sure, shiny and new is great, but have you priced out a brand new MacBook Air? You’re looking at north of $1,200, and likely to go up from there with no thanks to falling tech stocks. And the reality is after a month of owning it, it’s going to be used as well. Why not save over half the price and get yourself a refurbished model? With an Intel Core i5 1.6GHz processor, 256GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM, this refurbished Apple MacBook Air MMGG2LL/A is going to provide you with all you need to keep you operating at optimum levels at work, home, or play.

Get a great deal on wholesale clubs and buy in bulk

Free is always good. And if free accompanies a deal that reduces the price of something that is going to allow you save even more on already quality low-priced items, then you can give inflation a run for its money. With the retail food sector being one of the hardest hit by inflation, you’ll appreciate being able to take advantage of this 66% discount to a membership at Sam’s Club. Not only will you then have access to great deals on groceries, kitchen supplies, electronics, furniture, and so much more, but you also get to munch on a dozen and a half chocolate chunk cookies and eight gourmet cupcakes. Sweet!

Spend less by using the sun for energy with backup solar power

US residents now pay an average price of 13.72 cents per kWh, an increase of 4.3% over 2020 and the fastest rate of increase since 2008. Now we are not suggesting that you go totally off the grid, but it’s always good to know that there are options. We realize that in an age in which we depend upon electricity and technology, doing without is not an option. Whether you’re a victim of a blackout or are one of a small percentage of the population who has decided to totally “rough it,” having alternate power is going to keep you comfortable and secure. This Generack package offers the HomePower ONE, a backup battery power station, and the SolarPower One, a portable solar power unit, both designed to ensure that you can continue to operate your appliances and your devices when you cannot connect to electricity.

Combine your appliances into one

Most appliances are one-trick ponies. Your toaster only toasts. Your fryer only fries. Your dehydrator only dehydrates. You get the idea. So imagine the benefits of a kitchen gadget that can do all that and more. With this GoWISE USA® 8-in-1 Programmable 11.6QT Air Fryer Toaster Oven you can prepare a healthy family-sized meal using one of the eight cooking presets and not only save money, but counter-space as well. With the cost of appliances also feeling the effects of inflation, you’ll appreciate that this one combines so many functions in one. And with the cash you stash you could even treat the family to a surprise dinner out.

Get a new mattress and new sheets and turn your financial nightmares into sweet dreams

Air conditioning units, visits to the sleep doctor, appointments with the chiropractor … yes, all these might be solutions to your night sweats, but think of the outlay of both money and time. What if you could go to bed and wake up dry and refreshed, ready to face the day? Not only will this GhostBed® Luxe 13″ Cooling Mattress keep your body temperature down while you get your shut-eye thanks to its 2-stage core and surface cooling technology, but its gel memory foam will help to keep the spine in alignment while relieving aches and pains. It’s sweet dreams for you and your pocketbook! Need new sheets? These bamboo sheets offer softness and breathability thanks to its fine bamboo and microfiber blend, but it features convenient side pockets that can easily hold such items pens, tissues, phones, flashlights, iPods, and eyeglasses.

Discover cheaper airline flights with a useful subscription

According to the US Department of Labor, the cost to go on a vacation has risen by an average of 7.9% for the past 12 months ending in February 2022. Given the aforementioned supply and demand issues compounded by the rising complications caused by the war in Ukraine, one can only expect these prices to go up. The cost of fuel alone has already skyrocketed. Does that mean you should stay at home and never board a plane again? Now, more than ever, you are ready to take your dream vacation, and with a premium lifetime subscription to Dollar Flight Club you will be able to access the best economy flight deals to your favorite destinations. Travel needn’t be expensive. Even Conde Nast Traveler revels, “Dollar Flight Club has an impressive track record hunting down low-priced seats.”

There is no sugar-coating it. We are living in a harsh reality of high inflation and wages that aren’t keeping up. Sectors across the board have been hit, but by budgeting properly and keeping an eye out for sales and special offers, we can continue on without having to give up the things we need and want.

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