10 Michael Jackson songs that popular artists nailed

Tuesday marks 10 years since Michael Jackson died.

He was known as the king of pop, and though controversy swirled where Jackson's name was brought up, most of us can probably agree that if there's anything he did well, it was music and dance.

Here are 10 Michael Jackson hits that popular artists covered and nailed.

1. Michael Jackson medley covered by Pentatonix

2. "Billie Jean," covered by the Civil Wars

3. "Beat it," covered by Fall Out Boy

4. "Thriller," covered by Wayne Brady and Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox

5. "Dirty Diana," covered by The Weeknd

6. "Rock With You," covered by Jessie J

7. "The Way You Make Me Feel," covered by Bruno Mars

8. "Smooth Criminal," covered by Alien Ant Farm

9. "We're Almost There," covered by Alicia Keys

Watch the video by clicking here.

10. "Got to be There," by Diana Ross

Watch the video by clicking here.

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