'Breaking Bad' movie may be here sooner than we thought

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul share cryptic posts on social media

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Fans got so excited when it was revealed there was a "Breaking Bad" movie in the works, and it looks like it could be coming a lot sooner than we thought. 

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, aka Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, recently shared a photo on Instagram and it looks a little suspicious. The actors are walking barefoot in a stream, perhaps in a foreign country, looking shocked and bewildered. Could they be filming the show on location already?

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Even sooner

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Well, the caption on the photo reads "Even sooner," so we're going to take that as a yes. 

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Only a week ago, Cranston and Paul each shared a photo of two mules with the caption "Soon," so it's safe to say this movie is in full throttle. 

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Cranston also recreated one of the show's most iconic moments when he posted a photo of himself looking very menacing with the iconic quote, "Say my name." We should all be very afraid. 


The question on everyone's mind is how Walter White will be involved in the movie. In case you didn't know, spoiler alert, Cranston's character appeared to have died at the end of the series, so it's a little unclear what will happen. 

Of course, there are plenty of fan theories lurking on the internet that Walter White really isn't a dead, and hey, maybe they're true. Series creator Vince Gilligan is writing the script for the movie, so we wouldn't be surprised if he has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to continuing Walter White's storyline. 

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