These Disney+ trailers may convince you to subscribe

Disney's streaming service released first few trailers of shows, movies

ORLANDO, Fla. – Walt Disney Studios has jumped in on the race to be the best streaming service. Its subscription service, Disney+, proves to be a heavyweight contender among Netflix and Hulu as it teases the first of its exclusive content expected to debut on Nov.12.

The streaming service is welcoming new additions to its already established franchises and remakes or twists to some Disney favorites. 

Disney+ plans start at $6.99 a month, or customers can choose to pay $69.99 annually. Though you can't subscribe yet, these trailers may convince you to budget for this new streaming service.

The Mandalorian | Premieres Nov. 12

Star Wars fans may enjoy this spin-off and "Game of Thrones" fans might recognize front runner Pedro Pascal.

The Mandalorian takes place just outside a galaxy far, far away. The Mandalorian is lone gunfighter whose storyline takes place five years after the events in Return of the Jedi. The web series follows the bounty hunter beyond the New Republic. Creators of the show describe it to be an "American space Western."

Lady and the TrampPremieres Nov. 12

Another Disney animated classic is getting a reboot in a live-action remake.

"Lady and the Tramp" is taking a page out out of "Lion King's" book marrying computer animating effects with real animals. Disney adopted a ton of shelter dogs to make this film come to life. They use the furry friends to bring the romance between two canine lovers to the small screen. 

High School Musical: The Musical: The SeriesPremieres Nov. 12

Don't let the colons make you dizzy-- there's a new cast on stage. 

"High School Musical" the series takes you back to East High, but Disney+ will follow a new group of high schoolers. The mockumentary follows the thespians as they rehearse for their winter theater production and apparently it comes with a lot of drama. From scripted breakouts into song and on-camera confessionals, the series has all of the nostalgia from the old Wildcat days while sharing the spotlight with new young actors and actresses.

Noelle | Premieres Nov. 12

You can't debut a new streaming service before the holidays and not have a holiday movie.

"Noelle" is a twist to a Christmas classic all about Santa's daughter, and Noelle Kringle is on a mission.

Kris Kringle is preparing to retire, and his son is set to assume the role. But then he disappears, right before Christmas. The female front runner is off to save her brother and has to face the world outside the North Pole.  You'll hear Anna Kendrick's vocals as she tries to convince the next Santa Claus to get back to work and save Christmas in this fantasy adventure film. 

One Day At Disney | Premieres Dec. 3

Ever wonder what odd jobs exist in the magical world of Disney? This behind-the-scenes documentary may help cure your curiosity.

"One Day At Disney" takes the coffee table book and turns into a new web series spotlighting key players who make the magic happen every day. The book will make its debut along with the 52-episode short-form series. From trolley drivers, performers, Imagineers, and producers you'll get a taste of just how far the Disney dream stretches and the thousands of people that wake up to make the Disney brand what it is today. There's no need to watch them in order either.

Disney+ plans to release more trailers teasing original content that will live on its streaming platform. From Marvel, National Geographic and Disney classics, the Walt Disney Company wants to provide content for any type of viewer -- and they've only started with these few trailers.

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