Lady Gaga might be in 'Little Shop of Horrors' remake and people are freaking out

She's ready for her next Oscar

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Pack your bags and head on down to Skid Row, because it looks like Mother Monster herself might be starring in a remake of the hit rock 'n' roll musical movie "Little Shop of Horrors." 

US Weekly reported Lady Gaga was "offered a role" in a remake of "Little Shop of Horrors," and she's "very interested to keep acting." 

Given Gaga's signature platinum blonde hair and her incredible singing voice, it would make sense that she would play the role of Audrey, which was made famous by Ellen Greene in the 1986 film adaptation. The article did not say what role Gaga was offered. 

For those of us obsessed with musical theater, you know the story of "Little Shop of Horrors," but if you're scratching your head in confusion, we'll fill you in. 

The musical premiered in 1982, and a film adaption followed a few years later, starring Rick Moranis, Steve Martin and Greene. The story follows a nerdy florist shop owner who names a diabolical venus flytrap after his crush, Audrey. The plant, named Audrey II, comes to life and tries to eat everyone in sight. It's wacky, campy and the perfect project for Gaga to sink her teeth into.

Lady Gaga's fans get excited when she has any new project in the works, but the idea of her tackling such an iconic musical and role has people flipping out. 




The internet is also speculating who else could be cast in the remake. The shoes of Moranis and Martin will be extremely hard to fill, and you can't forget about who will voice Audrey II. With this casting news leaking, it probably won't be long until we get some official news on this exciting movie remake. 

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