Attention super fans: ‘Golden Girls’ home for sale

Are you a “Golden Girls” fan?

Well, you can now buy the iconic house that Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy shared, but buyer beware, it’s not really in Miami like in the much-loved 80′s comedy. It’s in Brentwood, California.

The other catch, the modest mid-century ranch will cost you nearly $3 million.

Hollywood used real exteriors of the house in the first season of the TV series, which was set in South Florida.

When the series starring Bea Arthur and Betty White became a mega-hit, an exact replica was built on a studio backlot.

The real interior is worthy of architectural digest, with wood-beam ceilings, hardwood floors and large skylights.

The original owner says he got a modest fee from the show’s producers but added he and his wife really didn’t really like sit-coms.