Riff On This: No Lonely Hearts looks to join Orlando’s boy-band legacy

5 guys, 1 group and their first official interview

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando is known for some of the hottest boy bands such as Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, O-Town and more.

One of the newest boy bands to hit the sound waves is a group known as No Lonely Hearts. Members Brian, Dylan, Aidan, Alex, and Oliver are the heartbeat of this lively group.

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Although this is an Orlando-based band, they came from all over the United States after a nationwide audition — working with the same team that worked with Backstreet Boys, N’Sync and Pink — in hopes of making it big in the music industry.

There are two guys from Florida. Oliver is from The City Beautiful and Brian is from Ft. Lauderdale. Dylan is from Texas, Alex came all the way from New Jersey and Aidan is from Pennsylvania. So what is it about these guys that make the group work?

“The genuine love they have for each other coming together as a boy band from an audition,” says Tony Wilkins Vice President of A&R/Management for KDS Platinum Records. “Being from different parts of the country, they have bonded well together. All they could do here in Orlando was practice.”

No Lonely Hearts on the set of Riff On This at WKMG News 6 in Orlando. As pictured left front Alex, right front Aidan, center Dylan, back left Oliver, and back right standing Brian.

The group said living in the house together is actually a lot of fun, almost like living with brothers.

“We understand each other’s personal space on our days off, ”Dylan said. “We try to just chill, but then when it’s time to work, we get to work and you know, we’ve come to enjoy living with each other. Some of us cook some of us just have fun time, play music just always bond with each other”.

The group has released three singles this year while performing all over the United States at different venues. Their latest single “No Body (Else)” was just released on Halloween. The KDS Platinum Records band announced their release to their fans accompanied by the music video inspired by Michael Jackson’s 1983 hit Thriller video.

The group donned vampire attire while showcasing their choreography in a haunted castle. This single followed “Cruel Summer” and “A Little Bit Longer” released earlier this year.

The group said every day has been a new adventure for them. Touring and making memories along the way is just the beginning.

“I hope that every day is just something new, something I’ve never done before and just that we all come together and make great music,” Dylan said.

Hear more about each member and how they got into the world of music in the latest episode of Riff On This. Not only are their stories unique, but they have some wild fan encounters and they even sing a little something special for the host that you won’t want to miss!

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