Foghat band manager Linda Arcello-Earl among few women in music to hold a manager title

Men still dominate music industry in talent, production, management

News 6 Meteorologist Samara Cokinos, host of "Riff on This," discussed her recent interview with Foghat.

Orlando – “It’s something that women did not do in the 70s, manage,” said Linda Arcello-Earl when asked how rare it was to hear of a female rock band manager on episode 21 of the Riff On This podcast.

Men still dominate the music industry despite advocacy and activist efforts over the years. This goes for all areas in music from talent to producing, songwriting, management, you name it, these positions are held by more men than women.

Arcello-Earl entered the world of music in the 70s during a time when the women’s rights movement was making waves. Demands for equal work and pay, and a chance at jobs traditionally held and favored for men only. This included childcare to be available so more women could “cut the apron strings” that kept them bound to servitude and out of the workforce.

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It wasn’t easy. The role of office manager worked very closely with the band manager keeping track of future tours, making accommodations for the band on the road from hotels to flights to tour buses.

“It was tough at that point, putting in 150% and having it predicated on people’s emotions and problems,” Arcello-Earl said.

She ended up leaving the band office, managing Rod Price, the slide guitarist that left Foghat, and Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland for a bit but ultimately left music, still keeping the friends she made along the way close.

Linda Arcello-Earl started out managing the office for Foghat in 1976. After leaving music, she pursued a career in computers. Her return to music wasn't immediate, but became the band manager in 2000 and has continued to manage the band touring and still making albums. (wkmg)

“I got out of the music business going into computers, and did very well at that,” said Arcello-Earl noting she left one male-dominated career field for another — setting up hardware and software.

Arcello-Earl spent 18 years as a computer consultant and integrator making a good living and really enjoying her work. Friends kept in touch over the years. Roger Earl, Foghat’s drummer and one of four founding members, had attended her wedding and she attended his.

Fast forward to the 90s both Roger and Linda were divorced and had been through their fair share of life-changing events.

In 1997 the two became a couple.

“I wanted nothing to do with the music business at the time,” Arcello-Earl said . “I said, ‘I’ll be the fluff when I come on the road with you. I’ll be your girlfriend.’ I was doing really well as a computer consultant setting up hardware and software and networks and everything.”

Tragedy hit the band in 2000. Dave Peverett, a.k.a. Lonesome Dave, the lead singer and an original founding member, lost his battle with cancer that February. His wife Linda Peverett lost her battle with cancer in December of the same year.

Everything related to Foghat fell on Roger. Of course, Arcello-Earl was by his side helping.

“I was the likely candidate to manage the band and we talked about it and I was a little bit reluctant working with my husband because we love each other,” said Arcello-Earl noting that management can often have tough positions working with the band. “I think I can count on one hand the times we’ve disagreed on anything in 25 years we’ve been together now.”

When Arecello-Earl took on the role of manager in 2000, it wasn’t easy. The band had just gone through a few years of cancellations due to health concerns and the eventual heartbreaking loss of Lonesome Dave. Thoughts of moving forward after losing a friend of over 30 years were hard to envision, but it’s what Peverett told the band he wanted prior to losing his cancer battle.

“It’s been 22 years of rebuilding Foghat because, at the time, they were pretty heavily in debt, doing clubs and stuff, you know,” Arecello-Earl said. “I mean, we had to overcome the ‘Well it’s not really Foghat anymore, because it’s not Lonesome Dave’, you know, we had to overcome all that stuff, you know, but it’s been wonderful.”

Foghat has put out =eight albums since Arcello-Earl became manager, three studio and five live, and they even have one in the works. They continue to tour and meet as many fans along the way as possible.

Arcello-Earl said she’s grateful for all the wonderful things that have happened during her time as band manager, giving credit to her team and those she’s worked with along the way.

Samara Cokinos pictured with Foghat members from left to right: Roger Earl, Linda Arcello-Earl, Scott Holt, and Brian Bassett on the set of News 6 taken February 2023. (WKMG)

“‘I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work with people that get it and not, and if they don’t get it, you deal with him,” said Arcello-Earl with a chuckle pointing at Earl. “Really, you know, if they don’t, if they have a problem dealing with a woman, the way I look at it, that’s their problem, because I think men and women have a lot to offer. We both approach things a little bit different.”

She went on to say rather than being adversarial, work together by realizing the strengths each party has and make it work. While being a band manager in a male-dominated industry, Arcello-Earl said she has never changed to “fit in” or “conform” to her manly surroundings but rather took pride in maintaining her femininity along the way.

“‘I’m not gonna dress in man-tailored clothes just to try to be a man, you know, in a man’s world. I’m not ,” said Arcello-Earl with a smile. “I’m a woman IN the world.”

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