Laugh your way through family gathering with Thanksgiving bingo

Race to see who gets bingo first

Thanksgiving Day bingo card
Thanksgiving Day bingo card

Want to add a little bit more fun to your Thanksgiving Day celebration? Give this turkey day bingo card a try.

Even while giving thanks and chowing down on delicious holiday favorites, this day can bring out the best and worst in families.

So why not have a little fun and document some of the “typical” things that happen every year when your family gets together? You could race to see if you get bingo faster than your friends to see whose family is crazier.

When it comes to cooking food, there’s always the potential that something gets burned, turkey takes too long, someone is disappointed by the food’s taste or selection, children are asking if they can be done yet and someone is taking a post-meal nap.

If alcohol is involved, you’re likely to have the chance to mark off drink gets spilled, someone gets drunk and you run out of alcohol.

If family time is stressful for you, you probably will be able to easily check the squares that say someone cries, a family argument, someone gets hurt, an embarrassing story from the past is told, a political debate starts and someone is insulted.

And for those phone-obsessed family members, there definitely will be a selfie with the turkey and someone who just won’t put their phone down.

These all can be done while football is on the TV and Christmas music is playing.

Now can you see how likely all these situations are to happen at most Thanksgiving family gatherings? Happy playing.

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