Duncan Hines launching microwavable Keto cake cups

Three flavors available in March

(Credit: Duncan Hines)
(Credit: Duncan Hines)

If you’ve started the Keto diet as a New Year’s resolution or have been on the diet before it became popular, you’ll be happy to know a new sweet treat is on the way.

Duncan Hines is launching a Keto cake cup that is made in the microwave, according to Delish.

With zero added sugar and only five grams of net carbs, these cake cups will fit comfortably within your daily carb allowance, which is usually 20 grams.

Three flavors, walnut fudge brownie, double chocolate cake and birthday cake, will be available when the product launches in stores in March.

You can get your hands on these low-carb treats for around $2.15.

It gets even better because there’s no clean up except for your spoon.

Who is ready to dig in?

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