Kick off your boots and take this #NationalTexasDay quiz

Wednesday marks National Texas Day 🤠

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Is everything really bigger in Texas? Pretty much.

If you’re a Texan, you know this.

If you’re not, it’s difficult to convey just how much bigger things really are -- literally and figuratively.

There are big oil companies and there’s big money, not to mention the fact that the state is home to three of the 10 biggest cities in the U.S. -- Houston, San Antonio and Dallas -- and, of course, some of the longest stretches of highway you’ll find anywhere.

Did you know a drive from Detroit to Atlanta -- a commute that takes you through parts of five states -- is shorter than the drive between some Texas towns or cities? Or what about the fact that a drive from New York City to Savannah, Georgia, can be shorter than going from one part of Texas to another? Kind of mind boggling, isn’t it?

Aside from everything being bigger, there is so much more to the Lone Star State. So much that, in honor of National Texas Day on Feb. 1, we’ve thrown together a quiz to test your knowledge on all things Texas.

We’d love to hear how you did in the comment section below.

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