‘Survivor’ host Jeff Probst discusses shows 40th season celebration

Show to revisit greatest moments, players

“Survivor” is celebrating the upcoming 40th season with a look at what’s made the show so great.

Host Jeff Probst teased their one-hour retrospective special in an interview on News 6, saying the show will revisit some of moments that made the game show so captivating and its castaways.

Probst, the executive producer of the show, takes a trip down memory lane since the show’s 2000 premiere, saying in its two-decade run the show has evolved and adapted to the changing television landscape. Probst said this milestone is due to the nearly 600 castaways who have played the game and the 38 sole survivors who won the viewers’ attention and the game.

For its 40th season, “Survivor” will be bringing 20 legendary winners back for a chance to earn the title of sole survivor once again.

People can watch its celebratory one-hour special Survivor at 40: Greatest moments and players at 8 p.m. on Wednesday on News 6. The two-hour season premiere airs Feb. 12.