Veteran’s Voice: U.S. Army Major Doel Salcedo

A veteran shares his voice with Central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. – Growing up as one of five children in a military family, Major Doel Salcedo was told at a young age that the only way he could join the military was as an officer, so that is what he did.

In his first assignment, Salcedo found himself in Germany leading a group of men that only spoke Russian and German while Salcedo only spoke English and Spanish. This was the first of many challenges Salcedo faced during his time in the military.

After years in service and civilian life, Salcedo finds himself at a point where he is ready to help others. Watch to learn how he is using his experience to mentor veterans in Central Florida communities.

Veteran’s Voice allows our community’s heroes to be candid about the daily challenges while serving the United States of America and after their service. If you are a veteran and would like to tell your story, contact us today.

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