9 incredibly cool gifts to ship your mom this Mother’s Day

Just because you might not be able to be together physically doesn’t mean you can’t nail the present!

Magnolia Bakery Rockefeller Center in New York City. (Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic, Getty Images)

Unless you live with your mom, it’s safe to say: You probably shouldn’t visit or go out to brunch this year.

Don’t hate the messenger! We’re just trying to keep you safe.

All this social distancing can feel sad sometimes -- like on Mother’s Day, for example -- but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your mom. Send her something! Hop on FaceTime or Zoom. Get creative!

Maybe you can shower the “mom” in your life (your spouse? Your sister?) in other ways.

Here are some ideas to kick your brain into gear on the gifts front. Remember, you’re going to want to order these items sooner rather than later, considering shipping doesn’t always happen overnight, and some companies are experiencing delays due to low staffing and COVID-19-related issues.

How about ...

Some soup

We found a company called Spoonful of Comfort that will send your mom homemade soup, cookies and rolls. Maybe you could even share the meal together if you have to celebrate remotely. Make yourself a bowl at home, smile knowing she’s taken care of at her house, and catch up at the kitchen table, just like the good old days. Maybe you’ll even forget there’s a laptop separating you two.

A crazy pair of socks

Have you seen those socks that you can customize, to include your dog’s face? They’re pretty funny. Surprisingly enough, there are a lot of companies these days offering similar products, but here’s one we found that seems easy enough to work with. As of Tuesday, there was a 20% off sale for Mother’s Day, and you can even get a face put on a blanket, if your mom’s more the “cozy” type than a sock lover.

Wine + some perks

If your mom enjoys wine, we’ve heard of several companies offering some kind of a kit or wine experience. For example, Messina Hof Winery, in Texas, is offering SIP Survival Kits (Shelter In Place), which are boxes that range from red, white, rose, or a sweet package -- that includes an assortment of meats, cheeses and chocolates, depending on the kit. They also launched a Virtual Vino program for one-on-one virtual tasting experiences. Pretty cool!

A knick-knack from Overstock

We couldn’t help but notice Overstock.com has EVERYTHING you could ever ask for when it comes to furnishing and decorating your home. They have some pretty great coupons and promo codes available as well (most deals come into your inbox daily once you sign up to receive promotional emails). Now that we’re all spending so much extra time at home, why not get your mom or the woman in your life a lamp she’s been eyeing, or a cozy new comforter? No matter what she loves, it’s a pretty safe bet that Overstock’s going to have it.

This gorgeous cheese board

Need an idea more specific than just “something on Overstock?” That’s cool. Some moms are easy to please, and sometimes we have to get more specific.

We love this cheese/charcuterie board (it’s West Elm!) for setting up a more-sophisticated-than-usual night at home. Imagine how fancy she’ll feel presenting it to guests -- you know, once we can host again. It’s truly top of the line.

A foodie gift

Have you heard of Goldbelly?

It’s a website that lets you send someone his or her favorite foods -- or maybe even just something they’ve been dying to try, like a very specific Chicago-style pizza, a New York City bagel or the world-famous banana pudding and a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery.

You can search by restaurant, sort by region; Goldbelly even has a whole page set up just for Mother’s Day foodie gifts to get those wheels turning.

We’re hungry just poking around the site. It’s nostalgic, it’s unique, and if you can’t stop talking about that clam chowder you and your mom split back in San Francisco two summers ago -- order her a bowl.

One final food idea

If your mom loves decadence, you truly can’t go wrong with this Harry & David gift basket, either. The company is probably best known for its pears, but everything is just oh-so good.

These sentimental books

These fill-in-the-blank books found on Amazon are incredibly sweet, personal and we think your mom would melt over one, if she’s the sentimental type.

Even if you’re not sold on the formatting in the book we linked above, just know there are a bunch more options if you search for related products. You could even have your other relatives contribute, making it a group project.

We love this one, as well: it’s a keepsake memory book, designed to capture and preserve a grandmother’s unique memories, from the days of her own childhood through the precious moments she spends with her grandchild or grandchildren. Check it out.

This stemless tumbler

It keeps your drink cool for nine-ish hours or hot for up to three? Sign us up.

No matter whether it’s tea, a cocktail or a smoothie, this seems like the universal perfect gift, does it not?

Editor’s note: We stumbled upon these ideas all on our own and weren’t paid to include any of the aforementioned options. Happy shopping!