Short on cash, not on love? Win mom over with these ideas -- all inexpensive or free


Whether you're trying to save money or you simply don't have much of it right now, there are still so many ways you can honor your mom on Mother's Day.

It’s not always about the fancy gifts or the expensive meal, which some of us really can’t do in-person with her right now. So if you just can’t part with much money but still want to do something really special for your mom, here are some ideas that we are certain will be at the top of the list of best Mother’s Days ever.

Note: Different situations may or may not allow for some of these ideas.

☕️Coffee and doughnuts 🍩

Send your mom and yourself each a small bag of doughnuts and some coffee, using your favorite delivery app, then proceed to just hang with her for a while via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or whatever app you prefer. You don’t have to go gourmet -- plenty of supermarkets have inexpensive and delicious doughnuts.

If you’re able to do this one in person instead, even better (but we’re admittedly a little envious).

🍎Picnic 🍞

Make some sandwiches and find a pretty place to have a picnic. Sit by a river, lake, in a park (if you’re able) or even in the front yard if that’s all you can get to, but we have no doubt, mom will be more than happy to get the carefree time in with you. Plus, you’ll both get some pretty scenery.

You can even do this one while practicing social distancing.

📽Movie night 🍿

Whether it’s something you can find on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or even Red Box, find a movie you’re sure she’ll love and grab some popcorn (or another favorite treat of hers). For that matter, you could even hang out with her and binge watch one of her favorite shows.

🎲Game night 🃏

Look up some card games, or pull down an old Scrabble or Monopoly game. Maybe cornhole or horseshoes is more up her alley. You're getting the gist, right? Pick something mom loves and engage in the game-playing with her (and your siblings, if they're around).

Did you know there are ways you can play games virtually with her, too? If that’s your only option, perhaps try a virtual puzzle with her.

💪🏻Offer to pitch in on something she could use help on 🐶

Moms are notorious for having too much on their plate. Do something that will really make a difference in maybe not just her day, but her entire week. Maybe she could use some help cleaning the house, or perhaps she needs to get the dog to the groomer or get the garage cleared out.

Practicing social distancing? Maybe you could run some errands for her, like doing some grocery shopping or picking up something from the pharmacy.

Regardless of what it is, offer a helping hand and don’t take no for an answer.

🍳Cook her a meal 🍝

There are literally so many easy recipes on the internet. Take some time to find something that will be cheap and easy to make. And if she really loves cooking, let her join in. It could be fun to do it together!

If you can’t spend time in the same kitchen and you live within a reasonable distance, consider cooking something for her and dropping it off with a cupcake or her favorite pie.

Bottom line: Just spend some quality time with her doing something she’ll enjoy, whether it’s in person or virtually. We promise you don’t have to spend a lot of money to please moms. And please, if you are able to be with her in person, make it a point to put your phone away and really pay some attention to the time you’re spending with mom. It will undoubtedly be so much appreciated.

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