Facebook rolls out new avatar feature, 50-person video messenger

Have you hopped on the avatar trend yet?

One of the new Facebook features you’ve probably already seen all over your Facebook feed: avatar characters.

Have you spent a lot of time on social media, particularly Facebook, while stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic?

If so, Facebook rolled out two new features to make your time spent on its platform more fun.

One of the features you’ve probably already seen all over your Facebook feed: avatar characters.

If you haven’t already created one and want to join in on the trend, here’s how.

  • Be logged into Facebook from your phone. Not available to desktop users.
  • Look for the blue Facebook icon button at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t have the blue icon, click the three stacked lines on the far right of the bottom menu.
  • Find the See More drop-down menu at the bottom and then select Avatars.
  • Facebook will then guide you through the customization process.
Avatars button on Facebook. (Screenshot) (Facebook)

Avatar customization includes selecting different facial features, body shape, clothing, accessories and more.

Once created, you might wonder how you can use your new likeness on Facebook.

Avatar stickers can be used in comments, Facebook stories or sharing to your newsfeed.

Your new Avatar wasn’t the only new feature to roll out on Facebook recently.

There's a new way to be in touch with friends while still social distancing.

Facebook has introduced messenger rooms.

This feature allows users to build a virtual room where free video calls can be made for up to 50 people.

(Credit: Facebook/CNN Newsource)

The calls are joinable and have no time limit.

Invitations can be sent to people even if they don't have a Facebook account.

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