Snail mail scandal? Breaking down myths and misconceptions of mail-in ballots

UCF professor Jim Clark joins Florida's Fourth Estate to talk vote-by-mail and Ginger's stamp collection

Who would have thought mail-in-ballots would be such a hot topic during election season, but here we are. Snail mail is one of the fastest growing controversies in Decision 2020.

President Donald Trump has made it clear he is not a fan of allowing all registered voters access to mail in ballots, otherwise known as universal vote-by-mail.

“It will be the scandal of our times,” he tweeted, saying millions of mail-in-ballots will be printed by foreign countries and others.

The president has also said Florida is the exception when it comes to mail-in-ballots. Trump himself voted by mail because he is registered to vote in Florida. In Florida, a person must required a mail-in ballot.

Trump has said the Sunshine State knows what it’s doing in that department.

But are those ballots really scandalous and could they swing an entire election?

Not so fast, says University of Central Florida History professor Jim Clark. He says voter fraud takes some serious work.

“They keep unbelievable records. People don’t realize that people who vote by mail it’s recorded on line,” he explained. “They can go in and check ... the fact that you voted is recorded.”

“Once you’ve requested a mail in ballot you’re taken off the list and cannot come in and vote so there are safeguards, people are worried about this.”

From mail-in-ballots to who buys stamps these days and an update on Florida’s Primary election, News 6 anchors Ginger Gadsden and Matt Austin speak with UCF history professor Jim Clark on this week’s edition of Florida’s Fourth Estate.

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