‘My Favorite Quarantine Things’: Girl parodies classic song, and it is life

Ryanne sitting at the piano. (Randa Itani)

As the novel coronavirus began spreading across the nation earlier this year, most of the country’s population followed orders that came sooner or later to stay home and stay safe. It was a whole new way of life, and still is, for many of us.

That wasn’t much different for the Itani family. School had gone online and going out into pubic became quite strict. During that time, Randa and her daughter, Ryanne, found things to keep them busy, one of which was watching movies.

About three weeks into what we’ll call quarantine, the two were watching “The Sound of Music.”

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“Ryanne said, ‘This would be a really great song to parody,‘” her mom said.

The soon-to-be 11-year-old, who has a passion for musical theater and has been playing piano for three years, simply sat down and wrote the lyrics.

“She taught herself the music in a day and a half,” Randa said.

Here are some lyrics from Ryanne’s song, but listen and watch her perform all of “My Favorite Quarantine Things” above.

Comfy pajamas with warm, fuzzy slippers

Reading “Harry Potter” and binging old movies

Yoga, bike rides and long walks in the evening

These are my favorite quarantine things

When the news stinks

When you can’t leave

When I’m feeling blah

I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bored

We love that Ryanne’s using her time to create something good during this pandemic. And this song really nails quarantine life on the head, doesn’t it?

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