Viral TikTok star uses money donated from followers to dish out more than $80,000 in tips to servers

This is one viral TikTok challenge you’ll want to be a part of

@lexylately TikTok tip challenge goes viral.
@lexylately TikTok tip challenge goes viral. (@lexylately TikTok)

Many viral social media challenges are just bad ideas, but this latest one from TikTok will restore your faith in humanity.

Lexy Kadey, @LexyLately on TikTok, noticed a new challenge circulating the trending platform where followers Venmo you small amounts of change to help you buy something you want like plastic surgery or a new car, but she had a better idea.

Kadey posted a TikTok video on May 26 asking her followers to stand with her in changing the challenge so the donated money would then be presented to a struggling person in the form of a large tip.

At the time, Kadey had more than 11,000 followers and she calculated that if everyone gave her 50 cents she could raise $5,736.50 to donate to those in need.

“I live in Nashville and we’re currently at phase two which means dining is now back open in a very small capacity,” Kadey noted. “Saturday night my husband and I are going out to finally celebrate my birthday that was back in April, and a good portion of servers in Nashville are struggling artists and have had their shows canceled for the rest of the year. We are going to turn someone’s night around. If every follower Venmo’s me 50 cents we could leave a massive tip for somebody who has probably been through a lot.”

With her Venmo account in her bio, Kadey’s idea took off. Within 48 hours Kadey said she had raised more than $1,600 and by the time she was ready to make the donation Kade had $3,021 which she said in a video would split the money between three different servers.

The servers receiving the tips that night were blown away. And from there Kadey hasn’t stopped receiving money and turning it into more tips.

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