McDonald’s bringing back Hi-C drink after outcry

Back by popular demand

McDonald’s bringing back Hi-C drink (Copyright 2020 by CNN Newsource - All rights reserved.)

Ronald McDonald is giving irate fans what they want.

McDonald’s announced it is bringing back Orange Hi-C.

The non-carbonated, but even more sugary than soda, drink had been a favorite for about 60 years before the fast-food chain removed it four years ago.

Since then, Hi-C fans have made plenty of noise on social media.

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It finally worked in a big way.

Mickey D’s even created a special website where you can track when the drink arrives at a restaurant near you.

The roll out is expected to be complete by June.

Then, McDonald’s customers will be able to get a double dose of orange.

They can choose either carbonated Fanta orange or the less bubbly Hi-C, whose full name is Hi-C Orange Lavaburst.

Anyone who has seen its color can understand how it got that name.