This home was turned into Hogwarts over Halloween weekend and we’re obsessed

It's just missing Dumbledore. (@TuckerCoDesign via Storyful)

Grab your wand, cloak and a Nimbus 2000, because we’re taking off on a broomstick ride to Hogwarts.

Or at least this guy is, who transformed his home over the Halloween weekend into his own mini version of the famed (yet sadly totally made-up) magical school.

“This year for Halloween I wanted to fully commit to the Harry Potter theme and build a Hogwarts Great Hall (that) J.K. Rowling would be proud of!” Austin Grant tweeted. “All aboard the Hogwarts Express!”

As you can see in the TikTok below, Grant decorated his exterior door with fake bricks, and the stairs going up to his kitchen and living room were illuminated almost like it was light shot from a wand, which is basically a dream for every “Harry Potter” fan.

Once you get into the kitchen, you’re immediately transported to the Great Hall inside Hogwarts. There are banners depicting the four houses, as well as the iconic candles that float over the students while they feast.

Not only does Grant’s home seem incredible, but it didn’t look like it took too much time (or cost that much money) to have some truly memorable decorations for Halloween.

Who else is totally doing this next year?

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