Top dog, cat names of 2023: This report gives insight for animal lovers

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The holiday season is here, and one popular gift people might be thinking of getting a loved one is a brand new pet.

If that is the case, that could lead to one quandary: What should the pet be named?

According to a recent report, there are names that are more popular than others. Rover has released its annual report of the top names for both dogs and cats, which is based on submissions and a survey of 1,000 pet owners.

Below are some highlights from the release. For the full report on dog names, click or tap here. For the report on cat names, click or tap here.

Mind you, this is an unofficial survey, but that does lead us to the most important part.

We want to hear what your favorite pet names are! Below, provide us any names and pictures of your favorite pet. If it’s a dog or cat, maybe it is also on the list released by Rover!

While you do that, read up on some highlights of the release.

Most popular dog names

Here are the top-10 most popular male and female dog names.

Male — 1. Charlie; 2. Max; 3. Cooper; 4. Milo; 5. Buddy; 6. Teddy; 7. Rocky; 8. Bear; 9. Leo; 10. Duke.

Female — 1. Luna; 2. Bella; 3. Daisy; 4. Lucy; 5. Lily; 6. Lola; 7. Zoe; 8. Sadie; 9. Stella; 10. Bailey

Of note, Charlie took over the top spot for male dog name after it was held by Max for 10 years, according to the report.

The report also said that in light of the relationship between NFL player Travis Kelce and superstar performer Taylor Swift, the name Kelce was the top trending sports-themed name for a dog.

Most popular cat names

Here are the top-10 most popular male and female dog names.

Male — 1. Oliver; 2. Milo; 3. Leo; 4. Charlie; 5. Loki; 6. Max; 7. Simba; 8. Jack; 9. Ollie; 10. Jasper

Female — 1. Luna; 2. Bella; 3. Lily; 4. Lucy; 5. Nala; 6. Callie; 7. Kitty; 8. Cleo; 9. Willow; 10. Stella

Are there are names on the above lists that surprise you? Are there other names you are surprised aren’t on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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