Cotton Candy grapes are back in South Florida

(Trader Joe's / Davie)

DAVIE, Fla. – The tasty sensation that swept the nation in recent years is back in South Florida!

Cotton Candy grapes seemingly do the impossible: Take a sweet treat like grapes... and make them even more incredible.

You have to taste them to believe it, but Cotton Candy grapes actually taste like cotton candy. They're the, uh, fruit of the hard work by a horticulturist who wanted to give consumers additional options at the store.

David Cain told WideOpenEats.com that the grapes he created have no artificial flavors or genetic engineering. They're made through cross-fertilization of two forms of grapes and then grown in test tubes before they're planted.

But if you want to grab a Cotton Candy grape or two, you have to act quick. The grapes are only available for short periods of times. 

And that time is now! The Trader Joe's in Davie used social media to let all their followers know that the specialty grapes are in stock at the store.

Hurry before you have to wait another year.