Jelly Belly releases new Draft Beer flavor

Draft Beer combined with other flavors creates drink recipes

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Jelly Belly announced on Facebook that they have released a new flavor of jelly bean.

Draft Beer, Jelly Belly's newest flavor of jelly bean, is said to have been inspired by a hefeweizen ale.

"The iridescent finish makes it seem like it's poured straight from the tap," fifth generation Candy Maker and Executive Vice Chairman, Lisa Brasher said in a promotional video.

Draft Beer is just one of Jelly Belly's many drink inspired flavors. Flavors that Jelly Belly has been working on since the 1980s.

"We started with pina colada in my time, and now we are very proud to add draft beer to that line." Jeff Brown, Vice President of Operation and Distribution said in a promotional video. "At jelly belly we want that real wow true to life flavor. So to get that crisp clean beer flavor, it took a lot of trial and error to get to that final bean, which we are very proud of."

Creating a flavor like Draft Beer is a difficult process for candy makers at Jelly Belly. They must first find a way to create a flavor similar to that of an actual beer.

"We try to match the real beer, so first we try to work on matching the hops, then we work on the yeast, flavor and finally at the end of this year we completed the development," Research and Development Manager, Ambrose Lee said in a promotional video.

Jackie Dodd, a beer expert, cookbook author and voice behind the blog 'The Beeroness' spends her days developing recipes that use beer. Dodd was very curious about the Jelly Belly jelly bean that resembled the flavor of draft beer.

"When I heard that Jelly Belly was creating a draft beer flavor I was really curious," Dodd said. "When I was finally able to try the Draft Beer Jelly Belly jelly beans, I was amazed at how perfect it was. It was the exact level of beer flavor you want followed by a really great sweetness that just keeps you coming back for more."

One unique trait about the Draft Beer flavored Jelly Bean is the 'drink' recipes you can make with a combination of Draft Beer and other jelly bean flavors. For instance, two Draft Beer jelly beans and a Peach jelly bean combine to make Beer Sangria according to Jelly Belly's website. Other combination flavors include Apple Cider Shandy and Michelada.

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