Cancer survivor documents second battle with lymphoma on social media

Krista Robeson stays positive despite diagnosis, pandemic

ORLANDO, Fla. – A cancer survivor who began the pandemic in remission detailed her relapse and response to her second battle with the disease.

Krista Robeson, 27, is a speech therapist with a sunny disposition even from inside a hospital room.

“Up until this time frame and I was able to get engaged and travel and work,” Robeson said.

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“It wasn’t something I was expecting, but I have relapsed.”

Robeson’s Hodgkin’s lymphoma was back. She said the diagnosis came after several essential follow-up visits during the pandemic.

“After three biopsies, actually, we eventually found it, and, you know, I have to give a shoutout to my oncologist Dr. Landau, because if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have found it so soon because he was so persistent,” Robeson said.

She has been in the hospital getting a new type of chemotherapy and documented her experience on social media.

“When I went through this last time and I went outside people were not wearing masks, you know, I would wear a mask sometimes if I felt the need but other people weren’t wearing them. So though, yes, there is a pandemic going on there are also people protecting themselves and others by wearing a mask,” Robeson said.

She said spreading a positive message through social media is helping her through the process.

“There is a light at the end of this tunnel, we will all make it out, me included,” Robeson said.

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