Central Florida teachers receive modeling, simulation training

Administrators hope to meet growing demands

OVIEDO, Fla. – There's a growing demand for modeling and simulation education in grade schools as the high tech industry expands.

Teachers from across Central Florida spent about a week of their summer break getting certified in modeling and simulation so they can pass that knowledge on to their students next year.

Hagerty High School, with the help of sponsors such as The National Center for Simulation and Aegis Corporation, helped organize and host this regional training of about 40 teachers.

Teachers learned about coursework for gaming, animation and simulation and had the opportunity to get their own modeling and simulation certification from The National Center for Simulation.

"We had a lack of teachers trained to do this and we have students that want this technology as they're going through school and going into the workforce. So to address that challenge, we decided to take action," said Lindsey Spalding, lead modeling & simulation teacher at Hagerty High School.

As more teachers and students get certified in modeling and simulation, educators and industry leaders say they hope these types of initiatives pave the way for more options in modeling simulation in the higher education levels.

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