Girls Unity Club getting results at Rock Lake Middle School in Longwood

Orlando City co-founder Kay Rawlins speaks to students

LONGWOOD, Fla. – A special club at a Longwood middle school is getting results in our schools.

The Girls Unity Club at Rock Lake Middle School, created last school year, meets daily for homeroom.

Members are learning to build confidence, character and sisterhood. They also enjoy messages from guest speakers, including Orlando City co-founder Kay Rawlins.

Born in England, Rawlins started her career as a preschool teacher who returned to school while raising two children. Today, the soccer mogul inspires women in business and girls still discovering their dreams.
"In what some people think is a man's world, I know that's one of the questions I get asked a lot because I work in sports. And it's about creating relationships, a network, using the people around you to help you. And also cheering each other on," Rawlins said.
"I think its an inspiration that she's working with a lot of males and figuring her way through. I think that's very important. All girls should be looking at for their future," said Zainab Goga, an eighth-grader.
The club will continue to have speakers throughout the year.

The school principal is hoping the club's model will be expanded throughout the district and Central Florida.

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