Central Florida magician uses tricks to teach power of kindness

Tony Brent puts on ‘Pip-Squeak: An Anti-Bullying Magic Show’ at Orlando Repertory Theater

ORLANDO, Fla. – A Central Florida magician has returned to the Orlando Repertory Theater to perform his anti-bullying show for a 10th year.

Tony Brent, who says he was a victim of bullying in the past, is behind the empowering presentation of “Pip-Squeak: An Anti-Bullying Magic Show.”

Brent turned to magic to help him cope with the obstacles he encountered at school. He now uses the same tricks that helped him to teach students valuable lessons and inspire change in today’s youth.

The show’s interactive segments, lively music and valuable advice bring in hundreds of students and teachers from all over Florida.

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Orlando Repertory Theater Marketing Director Olivia DeMarco shared what she believes students will take away from their experience at the show.

“We encourage you to be different," DeMarco said.

The Orlando Repertory team and Brent hope to inspire children of all ages to become more inclusive, stand up for others and become an upstander in their schools.

“I believe that some students still do not understand what bullying is,” Brent said.

Brent believes it is crucial that students recognize and respond to the various types of situations in which bullying may be taking place in order to prevent it.

If you missed the show at the theater, “Pip-Squeak: An Anti-Bullying Magic Show” is available on Amazon.