Nearly 100 passengers, workers sickened on Disney Wonder cruise ship

CDC can't identify cause of illness

Passengers aboard the Disney Cruise Line ship the Disney Wonder out of the port of Miami became ill, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Of the 2,679 passengers aboard, 92 were reported to have been vomiting on the ship, which sailed on Wednesday and returned to port on Sunday, the  CDC said. 

“Our primary focus was on taking care of our guests and crew. We have a comprehensive plan that outlines protocols for managing this kind of situation and closely follow CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of common stomach-related illnesses," a Disney spokesperson said.

There is no known cause of what sickened the passengers and five crew members, the CDC said.

The cruise to Nassau, Castaway Cay and Key West was expected to have a CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officer board the ship when it returned to port on Sunday.

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