Healthy snack options offered for children going back to school

With school in full swing, families are adjusting to new schedules and looking for quick and healthy foods.

Orlando-based company Vintage Italia helps bring "better for you options" that are available at stores like Publix.

The company's owner, Jerry Bello, is a former pharmacist, so he knows the importance of the fight fuel.

"I even see my 8-year-old son when we're walking through a grocery store flipping over the bag and reading the nutritional panel," Bello said.

Bello and his team produce Pasta Chips and Goodie Girl cookies.

Shira Berk, a mother of three, is the woman behind Goodie Girl cookies, which she calls delicious cookies that "just happen to be gluten-free."

The entire line is lower in fat and sugar.

Berk creates healthy snacks using the cookies as embellishments.

You can find how to make her energy bars, apple parfait and frozen pops here.

When it comes to packing lunch boxes, Bello's wife, Shannon, advises thinking outside the box and let your children help.

She said her 8-year-old loves to help create bento boxes, with meat, cheese and healthy crackers like Pasta Chips. You can find the recipes here.

And Bello said this trend of healthy eating is just beginning.

"I think you're going to see a more healthful generation, putting more healthy ingredients in their body and seeing the benefits of doing that," he said.

If you'd like to try some of the products, you'll find a coupon for Goodie Girl cookies here.

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