Field trips from home: All the places your kids can ‘visit’ virtually

Visit places around the world, learn without leaving home

The Louvre in Paris. (Image by Edi Nugraha.)

It seems as though a lot of parents are in the same boat right now: School has been postponed or canceled for at least a few weeks (so far), and WHAT IN THE WORLD are we going to do with our kids at home?

You’ve probably been on Google already, searching for ideas.

Well, we happen to have a really great idea for you: Virtual field trips.

We get that in-person events are fun, but given our current circumstances, we think if you give this one a try, you might be pleasantly surprised at how entertaining and educating they can be.

On Discovery Education’s website, there are a slew of places you can “visit” and learn, and those places span more than a dozen educational genres, with each of those providing handfuls of places to see.

For example, places the virtual field trips visit include, but aren’t limited to, the historic Johnson Space Center in Houston, where professionals are writing the next chapter of space exploration; the Tundra, just outside of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, in the heart of polar bear action; and a dairy farm, where you can go beyond the barn, with the cows, to learn how dairy makes it from the farm to the table.

There are dozens more virtual field trips to explore on Discovery Education by clicking here.

Adventures in Familyhood also has some great ideas for virtual field trips to places far and wide. Here are just a few:

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