Anthropologist Debunks Theory that Early 20th Century Girl is Greta Thunberg


Is teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg a time traveler?

While many on social media would like to think Thunberg and the individual in a photo taken during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898 are the same person, experts are here to burst their bubble.

There are big differences between Thunberg and the person in the 1800's photo, forensic anthropologist Dr. Teghan Lucas told Inside Edition. 

"The person in the old-timey photograph has a much thicker bottom lip than Greta,” Lucas said. “The definition of the term 'doppelgänger' is an exact match.

"The probability of matching two or more individuals on eight facial characteristics was one in a trillion," he continued. "So there is a very, very, very unlikely chance that two people match each other exactly."

The 16-year-old is not the first famous face to have a doppelgänger. A photograph of a physician from the 19th century is a dead ringer for Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, Conan O’Brien's resemblance to a Civil War soldier is uncanny and Channing Tatum also looks like a soldier who fought during World War II and whose photo surfaced in recent years. 


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